High school is tough for everybody. But the people who get overlooked when that’s talked about are usually the teachers. It can be a pretty rough job, especially when you have students who seem absolutely hell-bent on failing and/or dragging others down with them.

One shrewd teacher decided to fight back against this, and told the epic tale on the subreddit r/ProRevenge.

Chapter 1, Part One: The Backstory

The story kicks off in earnest when the first group project of the semester is assigned.

Chapter 1, Part Two

Chapter 1, Part Three

Chapter 1, Part Four

Chapter 1, Part Five

Chapter 1, Part Six

Chapter 2, Part One: The Setup

The writer goes on to explain that slackers are mostly the seniors, specifically three we’ll be calling “Larry, Moe, and Curly” from here on out.

We pick up talking about them:

Chapter 2, Part Two

Chapter 2, Part Three

Chapter 2, Part Four

Chapter 3, Part One: Immediate Fallout

Honestly, this is some Machiavellian stuff right stuff right here.

I don’t know how the teacher finds time to hatch plans this devious while also, yanno, teaching.

Chapter 3, Part Two

Chapter 3, Part Three

Chapter 3, Part Four

Chapter 3, Part Five

Chapter 3, Part Six

Chapter 3, Part Seven

Chapter 4, Part One: The Project Comes Due

What’s amazing in this story is that no matter how bad things get, how much of a corner the slacker students are trapped in, they find a way to to stick to their guns and steadfastly not work.

It’s almost impressive.

Chapter 4, Part Two

Chapter 4, Part Three

Chapter 5, Part One: The Results

The original post has a subplot at this point about the teacher’s attempts to tutor and the students attempts to use that tutoring against them. The whole thing is a classic case of “If you spent your effort working instead of avoiding it, you’d be fine.”

In any case, the epilogue is ridiculous, but not surprising (except for the bit about acid and wedding drones. Read on.)

Chapter 5, Part Two

Chapter 5, Part Three

Chapter 5, Part Three

Chapter 5, Part Four

Chapter 5, Part Five

They say teaching is a very rewarding job. Presumably that reward comes mostly in the form of knowing you’ve made a positive difference in the lives of your students, but maybe occasionally it’s also the reward of besting a foe.

On behalf of all of us who have ever had to work with a group project member who wouldn’t pull their weight, we salute you.

What’s the worst student you’ve ever been around? Tell us the story in the comments.