Getting caught with a note in school was a truly horrifying experience. It’s like wetting your pants and getting rejected by a cute girl (or guy) rolled into one.

AskReddit users shared hilarious moments when kids were forced to read embarrassing notes in class.

1. Boner

“In health class, we were talking about boners and how they fill up with blood. My cousin took a piece of paper and wrote “your p*nis is filled with blood” and threw it at some popular kid. The teacher picked it up and you can see him die inside because of the immaturity of 8th graders and how he has to teach them for a career.”

2. A fond memory

“Not a teacher, but this one was great…

My Freshman year of HS, we had a student teacher for Algebra. This poor dude was terrified of public speaking. I don’t think he made eye contact with any of us. Anyway…one day he catches someone passing a note. He demands that it be handed over. He unfolds it and reads it aloud:

“My d%ck’s erect.”

The whole class busted out laughing. The supervising teacher was horrified. But this guy was perplexed. He had a strange, puzzled look on his face. He read it again, with conviction.

“My d%ck’s…ERECT!”

By now, people are crying and choking from laughing so hard, but not him. He was still confused. Our normal Algebra teacher snatched the paper out of his hand, probably fearing a lawsuit or something. She managed to crack a smile and then join the laughter when she read the note, which had 3 words scrawled on it:

My Dixie Wrecked

Mr. Kirkpatrick, where ever you are, thank you for one of my fondest high school memories.”

3. That’s nice

“A positive spin: I was long-term subbing a class. One day I noticed students discreetly passing around a piece of paper while I was teaching. I went to retrieve it…. and discovered it was a petition signed by each student requesting I remain their teacher for the rest of the year.”

4. Zip it

“Not a teacher, but when I was in high school, I started a note from the back row of the class, which was passed and read by nearly everyone in the class. The teacher grabbed it as it went past him, when there was only 3 people left who hasn’t read it.

I think he was going to read it out to the class, but he looked at it before he read it. All the note said was that the zip on his pants was down. With all respect to him, he calmly zipped up and continued teaching.”

5. Nasty

“Not a teacher. Someone in my class had a cold and wiped their snot into a scr*p piece of paper, as they didn’t have a tissue. They then scrunched it up and left it on the side of their desk. Teacher saw this, thought it was a note and grabbed the paper, going through the usual fanfare of ‘the importance not passing notes around’. The look on her face when she opened it was priceless.”

6. Snowing

“I was in eighth grade and it was a hot, sunny day in mid May. I wrote “it’s snowing” on a piece of paper and showed it to my friend sitting next to me, who immediately looked out the window. We both laughed because obviously it wasn’t snowing.

Then he and I laughed when I showed it to another student and they immediately looked out the window. And so on until most of the class is in on the joke, and watching as I show the piece of paper to the next unwitting fool.

Almost every student knows what’s going on, when my teacher sees that I’m showing this piece of paper to everyone and making them laugh. She walks over to my desk, looks down at the piece of paper that says “it’s snowing” and instinctively looks out the window.

The entire class bursts out in laughter.”

7. Gettin’ creeped on

“Not really a note, but when I was teaching college classes, I caught two of the girls whispering, so I told them “If you’re going to tell secrets, you need to share with the rest of the class.” (I taught preschool before this).

She looked right at me, and said, without the slightest embarrassment, “I was just telling her that I think you have a cute butt.” I was teaching a Communications class, and we were discussing communications in the workplace, and I looked down at the textbook. After seeing what the next section was, I said “Ok, moving on to the next section, titled ‘Sexual Harrassment’.”

Everyone roared with laughter.

A couple weeks later, at a baseball game paid for by the school, she came on to me really hard, with my fiancee right there.”

8. A sad one

“I don’t know if this is the best but it’s pretty profound. I usually ignored note-passing. If a student didn’t want to pay attention but wasn’t bothering anyone else I was cool. In the age of cell phones notes were kind of outdated anyway. So I had this student who could do origami like a boss and he was always making all kinds of animal figures and cool shapes that I would put on the cork board behind my desk. This one day he is getting his fold on and is completely focused and not paying attention. Before I know it, class is over and it’s on my desk. He stops on the way out of my class and says, “You’re gonna wanna read that.” I read it and he asking for lunch money cause his mom took off and he was hungry. It hurts being a teacher some days.”

9. Sorry…

“Another non-teacher here, but my 7th grade teacher typically always wore a dress shirt to class and looked very presentable but this day he had his sleeves rolled up. Now, everyone loved this teacher but my immediate though was to write a note to my friend sitting beside me that his arms were super hairy, and that note was passed back and forth with us cracking jokes about it. Nothing malicious or overly mean, just that we didn’t think he’d have such hairy arms.

We eventually got caught, and between classes he took us aside and warned us to not pass notes, and since this was the first time this happened he would toss it out without reading it and let us go. Well, a couple months go by and he decides to wear short sleeves again, and his arms were noticeably less hairy. I know 12 year olds don’t have the greatest moral compass but to this day I still feel so bad that my dumb*ss little note might have made him so self-conscious about something so unimportant. I’m sorry Mr. Fifield, wherever you are now 🙁 “

10. Devin

“Not a teacher, but once I wrote a love letter to a guy when I was 9 years old. When I got caught, a guy took the blame and read it to the whole class. He never said who wrote it. Thank you Devin.”