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Hey kids! Don’t keep reading if you don’t want ALL of that craziness spoiled for you. Okay?


Now then, Tumblr fans are all about Game of Thrones, and they’re bringing that joke fire hot and heavy today.

Let’s check out the choicest cuts!

1. Those eyes!

2. Yeah, where we the helmets in this episode?!

3. Here comes Greyworm!

4. Not a bad place to go, tbh.

5. Haters gonna hate…

6. You STILL know nothing Jon Snow

7. Was she mad?

8. New phone, who dis?

9. Yeah, shit got DARK

10. Hmmmm? What?

11. He knew!

12. FIGHT!

13. Just my castle crumbling around me… no bigs!

14. A girl does not have a script…

Get your hankies out.

It’s gonna be a rough last episode!