SPOILERS! Don’t read this if you haven’t watched the episode.

So, to recap…

  • Jon Snow killed Daenerys with single stab to the… side?
  • Drogon was so pissed that Daenerys was murdered that he melted the Iron Throne into nothingness. Because dragons understand symbolism now.
  • The Unsullied sailed to Naath because that’s where Grey Worm was going to settle down Missandei?
  • Jon Snow went back to the Night’s Watch, and then jetted out of there quickly to become a Wildling
  • Arya is going on adventures outside of Westeros (please make this a series!)
  • The three-eye-raven, Bran the Broken, is now King of the SIX Kingdoms because Sansa wanted the North to be an independent kingdom.
  • Sansa is now Queen of the North.
  • Tyrion is Hand of the King because he’s being punished… I guess?
  • Bronn is now the Master of Coin and he wants more wh^re houses, stat!

Well, yeah, people aren’t happy. Because that WAS NOT a satisfying ending to such an epic series.

I mean, the ruler being chosen by a council? Is that really how Daenerys wanted to “break the wheel?”

Whatever, there’s nothing we can do now but complain.

And complain we shall!

Yes, this is what we waited for…

2 YEARS, to be exact…

And the army is ready to fix things…

But will it REALLY fix anything?

Nothing epic about the finale except a Dragon getting angry

And yeah, why did Tyrion have so much sway?!

Did we mention we are NOT happy?

And yeah, we can keep waiting, but that’s it!

Wait… that’s REALLY it?

Yes, that was sh^t. I mean it.

Those books can’t come out fast enough…

We’re all broken now…

Photo Credit: HBO

Gendry lookin damn good.




We are all thinking the same thing…


I love a good Gendry rowing meme…







And scene.