It’s been such an insane year that I wouldn’t blame you if you’d somehow missed the bombshell news that after over a decade, Stephanie Meyer finally released a new book in the Twilight series.

While it doesn’t cover any new ground story-wise, it does flesh out the core of the franchise by retelling certain events from Edward’s perspective. And it’s pretty wild.

So what do the people of Twitter think of Midnight Sun? Let’s find out.

15. The time has come

What’s old is new again.

14. The anticipation

We’re gonna rock this old school.

13. Bad apples

Book cover stars: where are they now?

12. Genius timing

Ride that wave right back into our hearts.

11. Ripple effects

We’ll always come home to you, Edward.

10. Bible study

Don’t be without it for too long.

9. A real thicc boi

Hot damn I’ve seen encyclopedias shorter than that.

8. Hard to read

I’m sorry, this is nonsense.

7. The perfect cast

Like so many geniuses he went unappreciated in his time.

6. Be still my heart

Nobody gave you permission to bring in all these feels.

5. A tail of revival

There’s nothing in this world or the next that can’t be fixed by a doggo.

4. Contain yourself

She’s like 1/100 your age, dude.

3. Phrasing

That’s alll gonna be a big ol’ nope from me.

2. Getting schooled

I keep getting older, they stay the saaaame age.

1. A matter of perspective

Just you wait – she might surprise us.

Honestly, love it or hate it, it’s fun to just have something like this to focus on again. Good ol’ vampire romance trash. It’ll always be there for us in the end.

Have you read Midnight Sun yet? What did you think?

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