So Twitter user TraceOddity just HAD to go and spoil everybody’s notebook buying fun and posted this…

Who are you to tell me my business about buying things that I’ll never use, huh!?

Well, she did. She told us all.

And yes, I’m not alone.

People buying notebooks just because they f*cking can is a very real phenomenon and now I don’t feel all alone in the world.

Franchesca Ramsey feels me!

And yes, we’ve been seen…

But seriously…

Because we DO use them. Maybe not as much to your liking, but we do!

But Cary is out here to prove she’s the queen of buying sh^t she doesn’t need.

And yes, it is different. Don’t @ me.

This one is different too! Literally!

Our friends know we love notebooks! It’s not our fault!

And sometimes, we just like the stickers. So shut up!

Our grand plan? Be the kings and queens of paper when it is extinct.

We won this argument, I think.

The end.