SpongeBob memes are so pervasive that there’s literally one for any occasion. Many, in fact.

Take for instance the college experience. It sort of makes sense that a show centered around a character who is somehow simultaneously a child and an adult would really speak to college students, and that many a meme would reflect that.

Here are fifteen things we can all relate to, in SpongeBob form.

15. A bad example

Wave goodbye to that GPA, friend.

14. A hefty price to pay

At least the books only cost me a kidney.

13. The final countdown

It’s fine. I can’t feel my soul but it’s fine.

12. Broke life

I’m not sure I can even afford to be sitting in this chair, tbh.

11. Average Joe

What can I say except you’re welcome?

10. Take a chance

Lesson learned: never speak again.

9. Time flies

Seriously that stuff’s more effective than a souped up DeLorean.

8. Side hustle

Yeah I can totally take that shift which I will immediately try to pawn off on someone else!

7. Hide the pain

Even my own face betrays me.

6. Very alarming

Guess I’m not making it to that class. Again.

5. Fat clouds

It’s even a problem underwater, somehow.

4. The great imposter

Look man, I’m just trying to turn in this dang assignment.

3. Financial planning

Taco Bell doesn’t count. Taco Bell never counts.

2. The thought that counts

You can have all of me. Well, some. You have to share.

1. Measure up

Get that logical coherence outta here.

If you’re actually a student right now, I hope you didn’t browse all those instead of doing your actual work. Tick tock, buddy. Get back to it.

What’s the weirdest thing about college in your opinion?

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