COVID-19, aka “the coronavirus” is disrupting the world in a major way right now. While researchers search for cures, the only sensible way to slow the spread is to simply limit your contact with others. This is having an effect on big things, obviously, like cancelled events and a huge dip in business for most industries, but it’s also having an effect on small things. For instance: “What do we do about handshakes?”

I was in this situation just yesterday: I was meeting a coworker at a temporary work assignment and he extended his hand as he introduced himself. “I probably shouldn’t be shaking the hands of strangers right now,” I thought to myself, but in that moment, the overwhelming instinct not to be rude overcame my better judgement. “I feel like we need an alternative,” I thought.

Lo and behold, an alternative has been found. Apparently starting in Wuhan, the #wuhanshake spread across twitter as an alt-handshake.

The move is simple.

You just tap feet with the person you’re greeting. No skin-to-skin contact or bringing faces close together.

Soon the shake spread everywhere. Like Kenya:

And a news desk in Singapore:

It’s gained enough prominence to get reported on by the BBC:

Almost everyone who hears about it offers their endorsement. It’s just too sensible and fun to turn down.

With that said, it may not be as new as we think…

If it’s not to your taste, or maybe it’s something you can’t physically do, there are plenty of other safe handshake alternatives floating around, like, “the elbow.”

Just remember to practice the advice of health experts for the time being: wash your hands thoroughly and often with soap and hot water, avoid touching your face, and do some social distancing.

Now’s a great time to connect with people online rather than IRL.

Things are scary out there, but it’s encouraging to see the human spirit prevail. We’re all in this together.

What handshake alternative will you be using for now?

Let’s vote in the comments.