Apparently, there are somewhere around 50 million active Tinder users today. 50. Million.

Knowing this fact:

  1. Blows my mind, and…
  2. Makes me feel especially bad that I can’t seem to connect with anybody on there.

I mean seriously. 50,000,000? There’s more people on there than in the entire state of California and I’m still swiping around with no luck? What kind of racket is this?!

Ahem. Anyway. Even for those of us who haven’t found a lot of success with the app, we can certainly find amusement. Such as on the various platforms where people share their best screenshots found in the wild. Here are 10 such screenshots that are sure to make you feel better about your love life.

10. So dirty

“And some.”

9. Fiesta time

Hey, if he’s responsible enough to keep three Tamagotchi’s alive…

8. A true unicorn

His hair is absolutely out of this world.

7. Oh…

Are you pouring one out for the letters?

6. Everybody limbo

Standards so low she can’t even look at you.

5. Priorities

And yet you’re CLEARLY eating Taco Bell? Something is amiss.

4. Choose your fighter

This guy has a lot of figurines that he calls miniatures, I just know it.

3. Fruit ninja

Not even guys deserve to be called “Brandon.”

2. Well-reviewed

There’s a lot of Oscar buzz around this guy’s Tinder profile.

1. Pete

What more can we say except…here’s Pete:

I know that a lot of people say they actually met their current partner or even spouse on Tinder and that it’s made their lives better and blah blah blah but I think the REAL wins with this app are screenshots like this. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.

What has your experience with Tinder been like?

Tell us all about it in the comments.