Family members can sometimes have absolutely ZERO shame. They’ll embarrass you, be overprotective, make fun of you, or even outright fight with you.

But all because they care, right? RIGHT?!?

This can definitely lead to some people taking it to another level: subterfuge!

These 11 brothers and sister people have done way too much to creep on their siblings… just to find out pretty silly information.

Here’s what they caught.

11. Then stop following her, dummy!

Jeezus, get a life already!

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10. Hmmm… are you really concerned?

Or are you just nosy? Hmmmm…

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9. So, what does this tell you about your life?

You need to GET a life so you can have one. Duh.

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8. Hahaha… at least this person is honest!

Alright, time to stop spying! Move along!

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7. So… why don’t you just leave him alone?

This is NONE of your business.

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6. You know what you need to do?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Oh, wait… mind your own business. That’s something!

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5. Yeah, time to move out.

GTFO of there! Quick!

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4. Honestly, this is not such a bad thing.

When somebody is 10, a little spying doesn’t hurt.

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3. You little snitch!

She hired you? What does that even mean?!?

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2. Does this ever work?

They have to approve you on there. Who would fall for this?!

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1. Yeah, this looks like it’ll be successful.

Is this the plot of several movies?

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Well, these brothers and sisters don’t know good boundaries if they got slapped in the face with them.

Seriously… are people that much in each other’s s**t these days because of social media? Or do I just not care?

Let me know if you’ve ever done anything like this to a sibling… or had it done to you.

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