Memes are a great way to start the day, or end the day, or get through that saggy middle of the day when you just can’t fall asleep at your desk no matter how much you want to…

We think these 11 memes are really perfect for any occasion, so take a scroll, stay awake, and tell us whether or not you agree!

11. That’s a Dad Joke if I’ve ever seen one.

Please, never show this to my father.

10. This is so accurate it hurts.

Same when you open your phone’s camera and it is pointing toward you.

9. This just cracked me up.

It’s such a solid joke.

8. Why would we want to go and get responsible now?

We’re eating pizza rolls as adults, know your audience.

7. Hahahahahaa I would have thought the same thing.

I should have tweeted it first!

6. Perfect caption is perfect.

And so is her face!

5. Oh but clearly it does.

What a very good boy!

4. Eggs have gotten complicated.

But somehow chickens are being treated worse?

3. That’s a solid life philosophy right there.

I would know.

2. Oh my god no maybe they’re just night birds.

Spoiler alert: they are never night birds.

1. Well I mean otherwise what’s the point of telling a story?

You have to make it interesting!

I’m feeling awake and raring to go, how about you? Tell us your favorite of the bunch in the comments!

And if you’re up to it, go find a meme or two and drop them in the comments. We might use one of them in an upcoming post!