Despite their sharp exterior, hedgehogs manage to be some of the cutest animals on the planet. Luckily, there’s an entire subgenre of Instagram accounts dedicated to these adorable creatures. So, enjoy these pr#ckly animal pals of Instagram!

1. Ready for a day at Disney World!

Photo Credit: Instagram: mid___9

2. This dude has his sleeping cap on.

3. Hat? Flower? Hairdo? Who cares! It’s adorable.

4. Two friends. Two hats. One beautiful picture.

Photo Credit: Instagram: wat

5. Happy to be here!

Photo Credit: Instagram: mr

6. Look at that lil’ tongue.

7. It doesn’t get much cuter than those fangs.

Photo Credit: Instagram: chebstr

8. “Allow me to serenade you.”

9. A fresh cup of cute.

10. How many ounces is that?

11. Look at these two enjoying a relaxing snack.

12. So photogenic.

I mean dogs are alright, but hedgehogs are CLEARLY where it’s at!