If you’re going to do something terrible, like cheat on a partner that trusts you, at least be grown enough to apologize and admit you were wrong when you get caught. Accept your consequences, and all of that.

Don’t be like these 13 people, who tried to talk their way out of their bad behavior and ended up seeming like worse people than they were were they got caught.

That takes some kind of talent, believe you me.

13. Good luck finding a girl who wants to do that on the regular.

12. They cant be stopped!


11. Hahaha wait until he finds out we’re all like that after a few months.

10. He was confused!


9. I find that a bit hard to believe.


8. No one is buying what you’re selling.

7. I want to believe she’s making this up.

6. Maybe he should have tried, I don’t know, telling you that?


5. It’s just science, Abby!


4. Sounds like he was super into the relationship.

3. From whom?

2. I don’t think she’s laughing.


1. He doesn’t even know where she keeps it.


Some folks do not deserve happiness, I swear.

Have you ever heard an awful excuse like these? If so, I’m sorry – but you can get it off your chest in the comments!

Do it! It’ll make you feel better.