Okay, real talk…

These people know me better than I know myself.

Or at least they’re willing to say on Twitter what I truly hate to admit about how I conduct my life.

Is this getting too personal? Well sorry Becki… deal with it!

It’s okay. We all feel a little attacked, but at least we’re in it together!

1. Danger zone.

2. The best day of my life was when I gave up trying.


3. Humans are complicated.

4. I mean but slowing down is not an option?

5. It really is excessive.

6. It’s what happens when you sell your soul for a paycheck.

7. What fire?


8. What sort of person doesn’t carry all of the groceries at once? Losers.


9. And scream while I do it.


10. Your point?


11. I don’t even want the present okay?


12. It’s not a secret language, people.


13. It’s almost always the latter.

Be careful when you look at Twitter – it’s looking back!

But yeah, which one of these tweets looked directly into your soul? Let us know in the comments!!