There have been some truly iconic tweets over the years, but here’s the thing – the people of Twitter just keep bringing it day after day, week after week, month after month and… well, year after year.

So as long as they do, we’ll keep rounding up the best and the brightest and putting them all in one fun list!

Well, in many fun lists. Because we’ve only got 11 here. These are definitely GREAT, but there’s A LOT more out there, right?

Okay, let’s go!

11. That kid is going places.

He’s living in a toy van down by the stream!

10. Otherwise we’re just really not interested.

Bill! Your boy has some knowledge he wants to drop on you!

9. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

Poor Hitchbot… *sniff*

8. They haven’t attacked because they feel like it’s just not a fair fight.

I am, after all, the most depressed person you’ve ever met.

7. This is a more than fair point.

And they ask me every single time.

6. This just about kilt me dead.

My god!

5. Sometimes group chats just don’t go the way you expect.

I’m still laughing at this…

4. She’s cancelled.

Oh… poor Mona.

3. It’s enough just to imagine the results, really.

But that is TRULY amazing.

2. You gotta walk away on a high note.

Divorce lawyers are the wrost.

1. Yes numbers should just be able to live their lives.

More rights for numbers. And lefts!

One day I plan to be on one of these… but not one I write myself. Promise.

Do you have a favorite tweet of the week? Or the month? Of the year?

Share it with us below! Or just write something funny.

Don’t worry… we’ll wait.