Despite co-starring in the ever-underrated classic Adventureland, actress Kristen Stewart is – for better or worse – mostly known for her lead role in the dubious Twilight film franchise.

That is, until the release of Charlie’s Angels, when everyone simultaneously woke up and realized how much we need her in our lives (and possible in more than that, ahem).

Don’t believe me? Check out these 13 tweets!

13. She’ll bring out the smallest smidgen.

12. L.O.V.E.

11. Does Twitter count as verbal consent?

10. Even better than regular straight tears.

9. I will totally go with her to the mall. If there were still malls, I mean.

8. There’s no going back now.

7. The real heroes here.

6. And then write a positive review of the entire experience.

5. It’s really all you need to know.

4. We will watch them all.

3. And some of us non-gays, too.

2. It’s giving us something to think about, for sure.

1. Every small moment is a treasure.

I gotta say, guys, I’m kind of on board here.

What’s your fav Kristen Stewart film? Have you see Charlie’s Angels? Share your thoughts in the comments!