They say laughter is the key to making a relationship work long term, but that can be hard to remember when someone is eating ice cubes in bed while you’re trying to write.


Seriously, though, marriage has its fair share of ups as well as downs, and it’s just nice to know that we’re not alone in the madness, you know?

14. You will need a flannel shirt.

13. I’m sure that was appreciated.

12. I’m guessing she wasn’t as hot and bothered as you were.

11. It’s important to support your spouse’s interests.

10. So you’re saying you don’t want to use these handcuffs…

9. It will help you sleep.

8. It’s not like we WANT it to fall out.

7. He has to get the right feeling.

6. You gotta do what you gotta do.

5. It’s like they all have a death wish.

4. He’ll just do that while you do everything else.

3. It’s important to be strategic about these things.

2. I have faith in you.

1. That’s too real even for reality television sorry.

Marriage. It bwings us togewer.

Even if it’s just to laugh at how we all got roped into this grand experiment somehow.

Got a great story about being married? Drop it in the comments! Because we’re all friends around here!