I just love wordplay, don’t you? The more clever a pun happens to be, the better!

Let’s see what you think about these very funny puns from various social media channels.

We think these people definitely did not disappoint in the pun department!

1. Very stable.

2. Mac and cheese.

by inPunPatrol

3. Oh sh^t!

byu/___jimenez__ inpuns

4. I see what happened there…

Rich people
byu/Bongnazi inpuns

5. Chick magnet.

by inPunPatrol

6. Don’t mess with the ranger.

park ranger is a soldier.
byu/petergriffin_31 inPunPatrol

7. Remains to be seen…

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, bones in glass coffins, remain around stone.
byu/JDuB5529KY inPunPatrol

8. They are very polite people…

One Day Canada Will Take Over the World!!!
by infunny

9. Leave me alone.

Aight imma head out
byu/Saahhiel inPunPatrol

10. Hey o!

I loaf it 😂
byu/Yugvijay inpuns

11. Only three stars…


12. A just-ice fighter.

byu/Bongnazi inpuns

13. This one took me a second.

14. A real zinger!

Music puns are an acquired taste
byu/Bored_Blod inpuns

15. That’s a relief.

What are some of your favorite puns?

Let’s see them in the comments!