Grandmothers aren’t always known for having a lot of tact, are they? Most of them say what they want, when they want. Period.

And it’s not always pretty.

Here are 15 grandmas who let the truth fly and took no prisoners.

These answers come to us from the Buzzfeed Community.

1. Damn granny!

“I was painting my nails, and my grandma leaned over and said, ‘That’s a nice shade of wh^re red.’ Then she walked away.”

2. Maybe? Grandma!

“I once got a Christmas card from my grandma that said, ‘Maybe next year you’ll make us proud.'”

3. Haha… there’s NO way she said that!

“My grandma took my kindergarten photo and said, ‘This is what I use to chase the rats away with.'”

4. Oh snap!

“One day my mom was sitting on the couch and said, ‘I feel fat.’

My grandma walked out of the room, saying, ‘It’s more than a feeling!'”

5. A picture says a thousand words.

“When my grandma came to visit for my graduation (after not seeing each other for two years) she said, ‘You look much better in your pictures on Facebook.’

Thanks, grandma.”

6. Yeah, she does!

“One day after school, a friend and I were looking at our school photos that we had just gotten back.

My great-grandma walked in the room, took a look at my friend’s photo, and said, ‘Well, at least you know to never do your hair like that again.'”

7. Ta-ta envy!

“One of my cousins was planning her wedding, and she told my great-grandmother that she wanted a strapless dress.

My lovely great-grandmother said, ‘You better get some t*ts first.’”

8. HAHAHAHAHA… holy s**t!

“Last Thanksgiving my grandmother told me that if my father was her first born child, she would have ‘just started swallowing from that point forward.'”

9. Fortune teller!

“When my older sister told my family she was pregnant out of wedlock and not in a relationship, my grandma sighed, looked at me, and said, ‘We always thought it would be you.’

Absolute savage for her whole life.

Miss ya grandma!”

10. I guess it wasn’t good.

“I was playing piano for my family when I was about five years old.

I finished the song and noticed that everyone was clapping except my grandma.

When I asked her why, she said, ‘I only clap if it’s good.'”

11. Yeah, well you need to die already.

“My grandma told me, while lying in her actual death bed, ‘You need to stop wearing your hair like that.'”

12. She’s got spirit, that one!

“When I was seven, I wanted to be an astronaut, so I drew a picture of one walking on the moon.

‘It’s an astronaut, grandma,’ I said with enthusiasm.

‘An astronaut?’ she said while taking a drag of her cigarette, ‘Well that’s pretty f*cking stupid.'”

13. That escalated quickly!

“I once casually remarked to my grandma, ‘It’s hot in here.’

She immediately responded, “You better start going to church because it’s a lot hotter in hell.'”

14. USED to…

“After I got my nose pierced, my grandma looked me up and down and said, ‘Well you used to be my favorite granddaughter.'”

15. Of course!

“My great-grandma said to my face, ‘I always thought Natalie was a white trash name.’

My name is Natalie…”

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