There are lots of cool things in this world. Some may even say there are so many cool things, you won’t get to see them all before you die!

That’s why we’re helping you see as many amazing sights as possible – starting with this list of 15 photos.


1. This huge hermit crab using a glass jar as a shell.

Photo Credit: Reddit: moopy1973

2. “Created a sculpture of clamps held to the table with a single clamp.”

3. “There were five different portraits of the Queen in my change.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: nenners7891

4. “One letter license plate I found in my neighborhood”

Photo Credit: Reddit: whytho37

5. A lizard with two tails.

6. A grassy number 1 growing through the bricks.

Photo Credit: Reddit: tibusorcur

7. This ice pattern on top of a car.

8. Speaking of ice, here’s a frozen “leaf.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: ge0dad

9. “Our local mall has priority parking for cancer survivors and people fighting cancer!”

Photo Credit: Reddit: spilon91

10. The difference between this ladder and its shadow.

Photo Credit: Reddit: bpcity81

11. An old church being used as a library.

Photo Credit: Reddit: giantppman

12. These two trees have grown together.

13. Double strawberry.

14. The handy ink indicator on this whiteboard marker.

Photo Credit: Reddit: m3gafex

15. Broken TV or work of modern art?

Pretty cool, huh?