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People look forward to Shark Week all year long. I think humans love it because of the mix of awe, respect, deference, and healthy fear that wells up within us at the thought of these giant predators lurking below the surface of the ocean.

Whether I’m right or people just like to watch sharks tearing sh*t up, these 15 memes are worth chomping!

15. My heart!

14. Look at the big strong human. Eyeroll.

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Ha. #SharkWeek #sharkweekmemes #donttrythisathome

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13. Don’t be scared! I’ve got you!

12. Too much excitement to contain.

11. Ba-dum-ching.

10. You make a better door than a window, friend.

9. Keep the change, ya filthy animal.

8. How else are you supposed to know how manly he is?

7. Representation matters.

6. Literally everyone who swam in the ocean, ever.

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Heehee. #SharkWeek #sharkweekmemes

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5. What if they’re really trying to help and their teeth just get in the way?

4. Cross-species humor.

3. That tickles!

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A little late but #sharkweekmemes

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2. Yes. Yes they are.

1. I mean…aren’t you?


There’s never enough Shark Week to go around!

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