There are way too many times in life when you’re not able to shout or slap at the people who are driving you nuts on a daily basis.

You have to be more subtle – to keep the peace, to keep your job – so finding ways to quietly stick it to the man can be the only thing that lets the pressure out.

If you find yourself in these situations more often than you have solutions for handling it, give one of these 15 acts of quiet defiance a try.

You never know – it could work like a charm for you, too.

15. I’m sad that no one has ever noticed.

Since 9/11 almost every office building you walk into in NYC requires you to sign in with your name or state your name into a camera for ‘security purposes’.

I give them names of people from history.

No one has ever noticed.

14. This is unexpected and sweet.

I never take my change from vending machines.

When someone finds that 15 cents it probably makes them much happier than it would make me if I took it.

13. Show me the money.

I have a BofA credit card that I leave a $1.50 credit balance on, due to them rebating one of their bullsh^t fees (twice) after I complained about it.

They never noticed their own mistake.

I don’t plan on using the card again, and if they ever close the account it will force them to mail me a check.

12. I’m confused as to how I’m supposed to feel about this.

My uncle sticks his stamps upside down as a rebellion against the monarchy.

But he’s a douche.

11. I mean if anyone still had fax machines.

Fax all-black documents to people you hate. Suck it, toner cartridge.

10. A direct hit.

When a kid is being a brat in a noisy and public area, I casually get close to them and F*rt on their head/face.

I’m really tall so it’s usually a direct hit.

9. I’m pretty sure everyone does this.

I sign electronic credit card scanners with a vague, meaningless squiggle.

8. That’s one way to stick it to the man.

When I get sent credit card applications in the post with “Postage Paid” on them I put them back in the post to myself.

In the UK this means their accounts with Royal Mail get charged every time it goes through the system.

Some applications I’ve mailed to myself 50 or 60 times.

7. Ooh devious!

When staying at a hotel I ate the ridiculously expensive can of Pringles from the mini-bar and replaced it with a cheap one I bought at the shop opposite.

6. Those IT people are the worst ones.

I leave extremely unprofessional comments in production code.

5. Someone is going to get it one day and that’s enough.

I build paper cranes and hide them in the ceiling of my dormitory. I’m kind of like the greeks and their trojan horse.

When the panels eventually need to be replaced, my army will pour out of the ceiling.

4. The gifts that keep on being given…

I recycle Birthday presents.

I’ve yet to give a gift to the original sender, but I live in fear.

3. One day you will have your reward.

I have an account at citibank with less than 25 cents in it. Every month they send me a letter with my account balance on it, which costs more to send than the worth of my account.

I am slowly taking down citibank with every letter.

2. I’m sure he’s crying himself to sleep at night.

In the ultimate act of silent protest, I have never seen the movie Titanic. Take THAT, Leo!

I’m sure your pockets are feeling pretty empty right now, eh?

1. I gave up wasting time matching socks a long time ago.

My socks never match. I haven’t bought a fresh pack in a while, but since its winter i always have jeans on and no one can tell anyways.

Most desperate acts include hospital socks with the grips on the bottom and 3x too small gf socks, just used to cover bottom of feet.

I’m going to keep all of these in my back pocket!

How do you deal with frustrations when you’re not able to just say or do what you want?

Give us your tips in the comments!