Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding journeys a human can undertake. They are loyal, loving, and the best cuddle buddies you could ever ask for. But just like anything worth doing, owning a dog doesn’t come without its fair share of struggles.

The following 15 Tumblr posts perfectly capture the ups and downs of living with a pooch.

1. Drop it!

Photo Credit: Tumblr: hipopatmus

2. So. SMART.

3. The king is crowned

Photo Credit: Tumblr: awgaskarth

4. For dog.

5. Heh heh heh

Photo Credit: Tumblr: littlesokka

6. They’re all best bois

Photo Credit: Tumblr: hipopatmus

7. Some things are important

Photo Credit: Tumblr: sherpawhale

8. Yeah…

Photo Credit: Tumblr: butchsona

9. It is kind of gross

10. Tough life

Photo Credit: Tumblr: corpish

11. Shhhh sh sh shh

Photo Credit: Tumblr: tullipsink

12. !!!!!

13. It is though

14. I agree

Photo Credit: Tumblr: darkrai3

15. Pats are a slippery slope

Photo Credit: Tumblr: slightmood

Now excuse me while I go pet my dog.