There are challenges that go along with being short and with being tall, but if you’re the latter, then these 20 pictures are totally going to be your jam.

19. Those must be a bestseller.

So I bought one of those shirts…
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18. Now that’s a problem.

Spotted in the washroom at work…
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17. A bridal party of Hobbits.

What a 6’8″ groom and 6’4″ bride look like (next to normal people)…
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16. Get it, girl.

Spotted this at a bar last night, tall girl problems
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15. It’s probably because of the blanket.


14. So sweet.

This is how my mum and I hug now
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13. This is a great photo series.

Fitting in! Or tall people problems

12. Tall people have that leg-spreading thing down pat.

A Dutch employee gets interviewed by Chinese media [X-Post /r/TheNetherlands]
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11. Short people problem: it’s hard to be serious standing barefoot on a trunk.

At 6’5″, NS Premier Stephen McNeil looked pretty tall on election night. At 6’9″, I may have shattered that illusion today.
byu/BigTall81 incanada

10. Talk about a time saver.

I said, “How tall are you?” He handed me this:
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9. That t-shirt though.

Giraffes United Against Ceiling Fans
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8. Well they definitely aren’t sharing clothes.

I’m moving away from my 4’9″ sidekick. I’m going to miss this.
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7. That just looks uncomfortable.

Go to Italy they said… It would be fun they said. [M 6’3″]
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6. Maybe that’s just a short doctor?

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5. The struggle is real.

The problems of a dutchman in China
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4. I honestly don’t know whether or not I could fly.

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3. This made me snort.

Tall Guy Problem #4 Solved. Solution: Extra Mirror
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2. Tall people weren’t meant to go sailing.

Went on vacation on our family’s boat… this is my attempt at taking a shower.
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1. Time saver!

I got all of the typical tall questions when I first started working at Starbucks. Pinning these to my apron helped reduce the amount I hear them.
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Watch your heads, friends!