Fashion is a personal choice and statement, but I really hoped that by 2019 we would have stopped assuming anything about gender or sexuality based on clothing or accessory choices.

It turns out that’s not the case, though, because two dudes who bought awesome shawls and wore them proudly were subsequently dumped because the women in their life wanted “manly men.”

I need a shawlder to cry on

Their loss, I say.

Shawl night long

The story (with pics!) was posted on a subreddit called TIFU (Today I F*cked Up), though most commenters have agreed that it’s the women in the tale who have made a mistake.

TIFU by wearing a shawl, which ruined my relationship with my GF from tifu

Indeed, it has spilled over onto Twitter, and girls everywhere are ready to proudly step out with a man who wears a shawl.

Because if he’s got that much confidence… it’s sexy AF.

Gotta say, I don’t see the issue. Fashionable men are hard to find!

People are picking up what they’re throwing down!

And what they’re throwing down are shawls.

Shawls for DAYS!

Would you go out with these guys? Why or why not?

You know what to do… drop the reasons in the comments!