Bad tippers are THE WORST. The worst, I tell you!

If you’re going to go to a restaurant and not leave a decent tip (or any tip at all), then you might as well just stay home and cook for yourself.

All of these servers got the last laugh, though…

How rude!

1. That’s absolutely pathetic!

How can anybody be THIS cheap. Good lord. I would have done the same thing.

2. They didn’t!

But apparently… they did. Ugh!

3. That’s insulting

I’ve got 99 problems… and I don’t need your damn change, kween!

4. Chase ’em down?

Yes… that’s the theme for this post!

5. What in the actual ffffffff?

But the ending of this is hilarious. Girl… move on!

His reason for the bad tip was that servers make too much money. I would have rather he said the service was bad or something.
byu/Peachy09776 inWaiters

6. Wait… aren’t YOU supposed to order for yourself?

I’m so confused right now!

7. Thumbs up for this.

It’s just not worth it, fam!

8. Btw, it does hurt their feelings!

Especially when everything went so well?! What did I do!?!?

9. Quarters everywhere

10. I can’t with these people…

How. On. Earth. Do. You. Justify. This. S**t?!?

11. I mean… what the what?!?

Why did you crumple it up? To hide the fact that you’re broke AF?

Folks… unfortunately in the US, we force our servers and bartenders to work for virtually nothing, so tips are absolutely essential. Even if you don’t think they did a good job, 10% is like the MINIMUM. Seriously.

Yes… you need to tip your servers and your bartenders… or else you might end up the subject of a story like these folks did.

Alright, you have any stories like this?

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