Physical attraction is such a strong and hard-wired instinct for most of us that it can be genuinely difficult to override.

But one thing that’ll do it pretty much straight away is if someone shows themselves to be ugly on the inside, like Reddit user Antoinewhite was getting at:

What turns an attractive person ugly?
byu/Antoinewhite inAskReddit

There’s plenty of ugly to go around. Let’s find out what folks had to contribute.

1. Haughty.

Having a shitty arrogant attitude

– scarymovie77

2. Do unto others.

How they treat others.

– PlasticineRobot

3. Where ya at?

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this said already, but being unreliable.

Like when they say “Oh we should totally [go to this place, do this thing, watch this movie, play this game, etc]!” and then either never follow through on the plan, cancel at the last minute, or meet up with you and change what you’re doing.

– firemoo

4. Don’t use.

I’ve seen beautiful, affluent, A-game women scream at their kids to get the perfect Instagram pics.

Using your offspring as props and turning what should be their best memories into sad photo ops to farm out likes…huge turn off.

– downvotethiscommnt

5. Bugging me.

Littering, of course.

– SugarJuicex

6. Pass the buck.

Not accepting responsibility

– AlexanderjLee

7. That’s not teamwork.

Them having to be the leader or center of attention in order to be cooperative.

So annoying.

– SilverDogee

8. Clean up.

Bad hygiene… bad breath,no deodorant,dirt under nails etc

– katrinavenkat

9. Self-reflection.

Narcissism is the worst. It’s like eating an apple that looks delicious but is devoid of flavour.

There is no substance.

It’s hands down the worst trait I have come across that makes an attractive person ugly and unfortunately, a fair amount of “attractive” people suffer from this and I’m not sure what the cure is. It seems deeply engrained and can be hard to spot at first glance.

– -Entz-

10. Think it through.

Being a complete moron

– labelfish

11. For goodness sake.

Virtue signalling.

Yano the type, film themselves feeding a homeless dude or giving him 20 quid to show “what a good person they are” or bragging on social media about all the good they do in the world.

It’s those self same people who say that starving kids are their parents problem right up until it’s on trend to help um.

It doesn’t make you good or even look good, it makes you a narcissistic attention seeking c*nt ?

– DeadPoet1006

12. Cough it up.


– pramitus

13. Gone fishin’.

Fishing for compliments they know are true. Usually accompanied with a giggle.

“Oh my god I am soooooo bad at singing.”

“That platinum record would suggest otherwise.”

– bighead914

14. Literally literally?

Frequent and inappropriate use of the word literally.

– Anom8675309

15. It’s in the stars.

Blaming their sh*tty personality on their Zodiac sign

– uspaccafregna

That last one is really a pet peeve of mine. The stars didn’t give you anger issues, deal with them like an adult.

What else would you add to this list?

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