Tinder is a weird place. Spending any amount of time on there, you’d be hard pressed to know if profiles were set up in an attempt to attract people or just meme really hard.

Either way, they often make for great screenshots, and those get shared with the world, and you’re part of the world, so today we’re sharing them with you.

Enjoy these 45 Tinder profiles that are just trying to make their way in this life.

45. An angel

Lookin’ pretty good for someone who is probably both in severe pain and heavily drugged.

[deleted by user]
by inTinder

44. I smell a rat

“Report rat” is what I’ve been trying to do for months but my landlord never responds.

I can’t stop laughing
byu/saltywithbutter inTinder

43. Call it in

Yes, ma’am.

I super liked her, just for that awesome bio.
byu/ItsNightbreed inTinder

42. See the sights

Hey man, it’s a tough job. It would scare the crap outta me.

Changed my age range just for fun and the first profile is…
by inTinder

41. Under the sea

This is why gas prices are always so high.

Saw this on tinder today, unfortunately we didnt match
byu/TonyThicc inTinder

40. Heat me up

And she’s a stage manager apparently for that extremely depressing musical, so the work convos should be fun.

Glad to see humor isn’t dead
byu/GilbyPlease inTinder

39. Blood in the water

We were so busy wondering if we could we forgot to ask if we should.

I swiped right, not gonna lie
by inTinder

38. Gotta jet

Yeah, that seems fair enough.

Best bio I’ve seen in a while; WestJet is the airline
byu/murat1993 inTinder

37. Basic anatomy

Hey, it’s a start.

This legitimately made me laugh out loud
byu/runnerennur inTinder

36. Benjamin Button syndrome

I never actually saw the movie, is that how it ends?

Seems like a good plan
byu/richiguada inTinder

35. Throwing shade

Well, he’s got ya there.

His bio cracked me up
byu/yaboiblackcheeseboi inTinder

34. Mono e monopoly

Are we absolutely SURE that’s not code for something?

Sorry, what?
byu/LordHrothmund inTinder

33. Taken

Jesus take the wheel. Not hers though, please.

Great bio
byu/thejuggasaurus inTinder

32. Mama Mia

Here she goes again.

Sounds like she already has everything planned out
byu/Cyber_Ghost17 inTinder

31. Cries for help

It’s these experiences that mold us into who we are.

A rough experience, I must admit.
byu/mutdoctor inTinder

30. The year 2080

Now that’s just brilliant.

Perfect bio doesn’t exist..
byu/VoldLoldermort inTinder

29. Bare the truth

Love it.

Holy fuck
byu/ExoSpectra inTinder

28. When life gives you lemons

Get angry, because you definitely didn’t order them.

by inTinder

27. Insightful questions

What was the name of your third grade teacher? What’s a nice, memorable 4-digit code?

byu/____Bella____ inTinder

26. Diabetic Father

Well you won’t have to look too far for that.

She doesn’t speak English and I’m 90% sure that last line is a google translation of sugar daddy and I can’t stop laughing
byu/DoctorPoopTrain inTinder

25. Movin’ out

There’d better be pizza and beer at the end of this.

That’s one way to get help moving.
byu/dopiertaj inTinder

24. Wish me luck

He’s gonna be the very best, like no one ever was.

Figured I gotta get over my fear of girls somehow. Wish me luck :)))
byu/crowbachprints inTinder

23. Worlds apart

Can you even hear us from way up there?

Tragedy of Tinder
by inTinder

22. Specific reasons

That’s one way to save some cash, I guess.

Had me in the first half, not gonna lie
byu/crwnhm inTinder

21. Tere

Step one is admitting you have a profile.

Shocking discovery tbh
byu/Sekkee inTinder

20. A solid

I’m not sure if my desire to help out would outweigh my desire not to get involved in a family mess.

Do you think her mom uses reddit?
byu/koolgamer12 inTinder

19. The perfect date

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?

Just promise the perfect date, and watch the matches roll in
byu/Slayer525 inTinder

18. Flat out wrong

She ded but she still cultured.

The perfect woman does exist.
byu/Sir_cocconut inTinder

17. Getting trashed

Thought this was a picture of me and got confused for a minute.

I never super liked someone so fast.
byu/ManiacMacaque inTinder

16. Walk the walk

Hey, whatever kills a Wednesday afternoon.

Good news. We matched
byu/jackrbruce inTinder

15. Get out of my swamp

Like an onion, this profile has layers.

Well that’s disappointing.
byu/thatwyvern inTinder

14. Dog days

He has sunglasses, I love him.

Lean into it.
byu/Frankie_Bike_Dog_HFX inTinder

13. Amen, aman

But seriously though this is a dating app.

She just kills it!
byu/mankodim inTinder

12. Don’t trash it

The perfect blend of messages to send.

Earth friendly
byu/itsmekeoni inTinder

11. The beneficiary

Hey it’s tough out there, we’ve got really bad public policies.

Friends with benefits
byu/ebeth15 inTinder

10. Surprise!

What a wild ride this profile is.

I swiped right
byu/guardianz inTinder

9. Spell it out

You’re gonna love all my bits.

Easily the most legendary bio I’ve come across.
by inTinder

8. Take a tip from me

The final hour approacheth.

I think I’m in love
byu/Mustatea-Ungureanu inTinder

7. Despite all my rage…

I have still got my gran in a cage.

Today I came across the best tinder profile
by inTinder

6. Sick burn

Honestly though, stay away.

One of the best Covid related lines I’ve seen so far!
byu/sareik inTinder

5. Hope and grace

There’s SO much going on here but the thing I can’t stop staring at is that this girl’s job is listed as TikToker.
That’s a common thing now, huh? I am old af.

byu/ludonope inTinder

4. Low key

No pressure, just make a decision right this second.

I swiped right, for the lols and your entertainment, now I’ve matched… awkward.
byu/Pickle82T inTinder

3. It’s in the stars

Babe it’s not my fault, you know I’m a vibra.

These photos one after the other made me laugh
byu/NeganTheVegan inTinder

2. For your health

She makes a great point.

She’s not wrong
byu/ojoaopestana inTinder

1. What a deal!

What’s it gonna take to seal this deal today?

She forgot the mileage
by inTinder

Best of luck, dating searchers.

What’s your best or worst experience on Tinder?

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