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These two-sentence horror tales prove that it doesn’t take a lot of words to set a mood – or make you want to scream.

These short stories couldn’t be any scarier, even if they had a couple thousands words to work with, just wait and see if I’m right.

10. Spooky.

I asked my dad why he hired such an old woman to babysit me when I was younger. from TwoSentenceHorror

9. It’s still happening.

We processed the tape, un-distorting its 278 hours (and counting) of background noise. from TwoSentenceHorror

8. Barf.

“I lost my friend in the recent mass shooting.” from TwoSentenceHorror

7. Okay ew.

String of unsolved disappearances in small Louisiana town continues to grow. from TwoSentenceHorror

6. Tricky tricky.

You wake up with no memory of anything, and the man in front of you says "What will be your last of the three wishes?" from TwoSentenceHorror

5. Maybe not.

We had all laughed at Uncle Ted for building a nuclear fallout shelter, but he was right afterall. from TwoSentenceHorror

4. Get ready to catch her.

“It’s a good thing I’m not scared of spiders”, she laughed nervously from the bathroom, “or your shower curtain would have made me pass out. “ from TwoSentenceHorror

3. I’ve heard that one before.

"My good friend, the keys to Area 51 were inside you all along!" from TwoSentenceHorror

2. Depressing and scary.

You’re all alone, but this man keep staring at you, and you know he wants to kill you. from TwoSentenceHorror

1. Nooooope.

The lights on the second floor didn’t work, and there was a painting of a disfigured, distorted man on the wall. from TwoSentenceHorror


Thanks internet! I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway!

Good luck getting any shut eye now…