Yes, you’ll be nodding your head to these and saying, “Yep, yep, me, me, me.”

Multiple times. Guaranteed.

12. Uh oh…

11. We’re all experts, naturally…

10. Sleep isn’t THAT important. We’re more vulnerable to murder.

9. “If you love these, you’ll love me.”

8. $1 dollar per hour!

7. They are legit bad.

6. Well, what else would we do?!?

5. Hey, life happens when it happens…

4. #MurderFam

3. Never, ever, ever, ever…

2. Well, we’re not psychopaths!!

1. Yeah, it’s a thing…

Come on kids! Let’s all watch ALL the true crime things.

For science. Yeah… science.

But seriously, what tweets nail you to the wall? Let us know in the comments!