Hair dryers are super useful tools for drying and styling our hair, which is why almost every household has at least one of them on a counter or stored away underneath a sink.

But what if you could be getting more use out of it than just drying or or curling your hair, or maybe giving your dog a bath once a month?

Turns out, you probably could be – and here are 10 ways you might be missing out on how.

10. Inflate your air mattress.

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If you’ve lost the pump to your air mattress, don’t run out and buy a new one – just use the cool air setting on your hair dryer and be guest-ready in minutes!

9. Stretch those too-tight shoes.

Skip the blisters by putting on a pair of thick socks, slipping into your too-snug kicks, and using hot air to blow-dry the tight areas for a few minutes. Walk around until your feet cool off, and the leather should be loosened up nicely.

Don’t be too aggressive using the method with synthetic materials, though – they could melt.

8. Curl your eyelashes.

You don’t have to leave the bathroom for this one – just blast your lash curler with medium heat for a few seconds before applying the instrument to your lashes.

Check the temperature first on your wrist.

7. Adjust your glasses.

Use the hot air setting to blow heat on the earpieces, then gently bend them until they’re looser or tighter as needed.

6. Get bakery-level cake frostings.

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If you blow warm air over the frosted top and sides of your cake, you’ll get a glossy, bakery-level finish.

5. Remove stubborn stickers.

Not everyone uses those easy-peel stickers (much to my dismay), but if you’ve got a sticker, or the remnants of a sticker, being stubborn, just use your blow dryer to blast hot air on the paper for about 30 seconds. It will peel right off (you might have to work longer or harder on the really stubborn ones).

4. Thaw your ice cream.

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When you just can’t wait for that ice cream to thaw enough to scoop it, plug in your hair dryer and do it yourself.

3. Painlessly peel off Band-aids.

No need to make your kid cry or lose a bunch of arm hair in the process – warm air for a few seconds should have the Band-aid peeling off with no trouble.

2. Rid your keyboard of crumbs.

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Not everyone has that canned air handy – if you don’t, why not use the cool air setting on your hair dryer to get the job done?

1. Get rid of misplaced gum.

You’ll need the hot setting, but blowing it on gum stuck in carpet or clothing should soften it enough for you to lift it out. A dirty job, but at least an easier one!

Wow, I had no idea!

Were any of these new to you? Do you have other uses?

Share them with us in the comments!