There are some Twitter threads that leave you wishing you could have five minutes of your life back, and then there are Twitter threads like the one put out there by @sswyrs that manage to sum up the experience of literally every single woman alive.

It began when she relayed being in the room when her boss made a rude comment about a woman’s profile on LinkedIn.

To @sswyrs credit, and our eternal gratitude, she did not turn away but instead decided to have the courage to confront misogyny where it sneered behind its computer screen.

For what? Taking selfies?

“Taking selfies like that.”

Too many of us would have let it go. Would have rolled our eyes and dropped it, not wanting to make waves, make the workplace more awkward for us later on, or even potentially find ourselves without a job.

But she persevered.

He finally told her the picture was “sl*tty.”

Which was confusing, because (even setting aside the ridiculousness that the word exists at all) the woman wasn’t showing any skin aside from her face and neck.

The two argued, things getting heated, until he finally defined “sl*tty” and maintained the image screamed “down to f*ck” to him.

After going around and around and not letting it go (thank you, Sawyer), he finally said that the reason she looked sl*tty and “deserved what she got” for posting a picture “like that” was because she was “insanely hot.”

Yep. Because the woman’s pretty, smiling face angered a man because it excited him and would possibly provoke him to give her what she deserves.

I just threw up in my mouth.

To sum up.

Have courage out there, ladies. Educate. Reprimand. Be the change we need in the world.

Also, stay safe.