What is it about firefighters that’s so inherently…um…hot?

I guess you don’t really get much more machismo than than you do from combining those two words. I mean…they fight fire. They look into the burning eye of one of the elements themselves and say “Come at me, bro.” I guess that alone is enough to turn most of our heads. It also helps if you happen to be a firefighter who also has, yanno, six pack abs and a perfect facial structure.

Another element that will help melt just about anybody into puddle is to combine these hunks with a complimentary side of tiny and delicate in the form of kittens, like these folks did for their “Australian Firefighters Cat Calendar.” I mean. Look at this.

It’s a combination that you’d think was engineered in a lab to make us all drain our bank accounts immediately. And that’s because it sort of was, in a good way. The Australian Firefighters Calendar is a organization that sells hot firefighter action and donates the proceeds to charities such as children’s hospitals. According to their website, they’ve raised over $3 million dollars since they started the tradition in 1993. Not too shabby.

1. The Cover

Each segment of the calendar features a hot dude and a cute kitteh. What more could you ask for?

2. The Segments

Not sure which month this image is meant to be associated with, but I appreciate that Sarah really gets a chance to shine.

3. January

“Is it safe to come out now?” – Ginger, probably

4. March

Emma looks scared as heck! Calm down, Emma. Aaron’s got you.

5. April

Oh my darling Clementine.

6. August

Everything about this is great but I keep getting distracted by the adorable derp in the top left corner.

7. October

Oh so the cats don’t even get NAMES? Shame on you Nathan, you bronzed Adonis.

8. November

If this quartet starting singing to me I wouldn’t complain.

9. December

“This right here? This is a cat.” – Richard, probably

Here’s the full photoshoot video if you want / need even more:

It appears that they may have stopped selling this particular calendar as it was the 2020 edition, but they have a new one every year alongside other merchandise like this pillow, which you can get at their website here.

So, are you gonna buy a calendar?

Or are you going to buy 8 calendars?

Tell us your decision in the comments.