Everybody knows the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat,” but few people are aware that it’s truncated from “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” And for as irritating as it can sometimes be, honestly, what’s more satisfying than watching a cat be curious?

One particularly exploratory kitty is Oliver, whose human (who goes by lovethecapybara on Imgur) uploaded photos of him being in all the places he shouldn’t be. Honestly do I need to sell you on this any more than I already have? It’s a cat. It’s adorable. It’s gettin’ into mischief. LOOK AT HOW CUTE.

9. SilverWHERE?

He’s literally not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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8. Bread dead redemption

Cats are pretty good at kneading dough, I guess.

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7. Spicy boi

“Why are we out of cumin, Karen?”

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6. Oven lovin’

Pls frend. No heats.

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5. Kitty cup

Coffee, tea, or me?

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4. Pan-demonium

Skillet skills.

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3. Cold hearted

I hope he’s paying his share of the electric bill.

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2. Take the plunge

I have a sinking feeling about this.

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1. Dishin’ it out

“What are you doing in my new home?”

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I wish I could climb super high and fit in tiny spaces and always land on my feet and be adorable. Hell, I’d settle for just a couple of those.

If you’ve got a cat in a place it shouldn’t be, go take a picture immediately. I promise you, the internet is literally just waiting for you to share the joy with them.

What’s the weird thing your cat does?

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