If you’ve spent a decent amount of time around kids, you know that they say some pretty hilarious stuff  – they can easily come up with the kinds of far-out concepts and ideas that our adult brains just aren’t gonna.

Artist Martin Bruckner realized this a few years back while parenting his 2-year-old daughter, Harper. So Bruckner seized the opportunity and began illustrating the funniest things that came out of his daughter’s mouth.

He originally drew eight of these brilliant pieces and gave them to his wife for Mother’s Day. But after he started a Facebook page, things took off.

Bruckner’s work became popular, and he even ended up writing and illustrating a book.

Bruckner’s (and Harper’s) work has been a big hit with parents everywhere who can relate to the unfiltered honesty and creativity of little ones.

Here are a few more of Bruckner’s brilliant illustrations for you to enjoy.

Don’t forget to check out the book as well!