Kristýna Kvapilová lives in the Czech Republic and spends her free time traveling with her dog Charlie and taking beautiful photos of him and other pooches.

Kvapilová says:

“In photography, I focus primarily on pets and my goal is to make the photos look somehow more special than basic photos taken in the garden. I want to bring aesthetic elements, memories or a message that can help me to communicate with the outside world. I like to capture the true nature of dogs in my portraits, their personalities.

But what I like more and more is a combination of traveling, dogs, and photography. It’s not only about the photography but also about the experience of an adventure: sleeping in a tent, getting our paws dirty and just walking in the breathtaking nature.”

Check out these 20 great photos that Kvapilová has taken of pooches and be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest adventures.

1. Don’t drool!

2. Frolicking

3. A nice shot

4. Take it all in

5. Catch!

6. Reflecting

7. A gentle giant

8. Wonder

9. Hold my hand

10. Water trails

11. Time for a nap

12. A wise oldtimer

13. Bundle up

14. Up and away!

15. Squad

16. Puppy dog eyes

17. In a field of flowers

18. Meet and greet

19. Fall fun

20. Snow dog

Beautiful shots of some beautiful dogs!