If you happen to find yourself in Seattle, Washington in the near future, you should consider swinging by Seattle Propane at Wallingford Chevron to check out its funny, punny signs.

I think a lot of churches now have some serious competition. Check these out.

1. All of ’em

2. I concur

3. Zing!

4. We all do

5. Didn’t see that coming

6. Grate news!

7. Where it’s at

8. Hahahaha

9. Good one

10. What, honey?

11. I’ve been there

12. Might be…

13. On the fence

14. Still searching for them

15. A solid entry

16. Tense

17. Do it now

18. Toad, get it?

19. And let’s end with a funny/true one

The sign game is strong with this one.