Imagine this. You’re going about your normal routine. Shower, shave, fueling up on caffeine, and getting dressed for the workday. But add in a creepy sound from under your bed. What would you do? Investigate or run?

Paris Zarcilla, the brave man he was, had a similar morning and investigated the sound. Much to his surprise (and relief), it wasn’t the boogey man hiding under his bed, it was a box full of….wait for it…kittens!

His tweet when viral in minutes. I mean, who doesn’t love kittens? He was promptly named #CatDad and for good reason. Zarcilla went through all the emotions a new father does.

He even canceled plans to care for his new litter. A cat-ternity leave from work and life, perhaps?

In case you were wondering, #CatDad is doing well.

Way to go, man.