In this day and age, I would venture to guess that going Dutch on a first date (ie: splitting the bill) is the way most people go. You barely know each other, you don’t owe each other anything, and there’s at least a 50/50 chance you’re never going to speak to each other again…so why even sweat it?

If he offers to pay, fine if you want to accept. If not, pay your share and see what happens tomorrow?

This woman apparently felt pretty strongly about her date paying, because she got up and walked straight out at the mere suggestion that she fork over some cash.

The original post was removed, but went like this:

WIBTA (“Would I Be The as$hole”) if I give the restaurant the name and phone number of my tinder date who LITERALLY JUST got up and left after the meal when it came up that we should split the check?

I’m sitting here now trying to decide what to do. She and I never discussed this dinner being my treat, and this is the place she suggested. I have half a mind to separate the checks, pay mine and leave her info on her check for the restaurant to sort out. Technically she dined and dashed.

I’m going to preemptively tell you now this wasn’t because I tried to get laid by just buying dinner and I’m not a creep.

Edit: in our conversations I suggested coffee for our first meet up. For those wondering.

People weighed in, mostly on this poor sap’s side, though I think that stiffing the restaurant probably isn’t the answer, either. She’s definitely not going to pay.

Hey, look at Germany with the smart laws!

I guess chalk it up to experience, and another Tinder story to tell.

And NO… you shouldn’t have to pay…

I wish that you could leave people reviews on dating sites like you can for products on Amazon.

And why is being paid to go on a date (free dinner, drinks, etc.) even still a thing????

I’m sure nothing could go wrong there.

This thread did have an amazing update, in which the original poster went to have a few drinks and found out that his date left her driver’s license and an open tab at the bar.


Upon moving to the bar and talking to the bartender I found out that this girl had an open tab before I arrived. She LEFT HER DRIVER’S LICENSE AT THE BAR.

According to the bartender she’s a sh^tty tipper and she’s probably next door trying to get free drinks at the pool hall.

Since her tab was open and she’s probably coming back anyway, he agreed to move her food items over to her tab.

He said, “fuck it it’s not like she’s gonna tip me anyways.”

I love it.

This might be my favorite post yet – what are your thoughts? Was he wrong or right? Did karma win?

Tell me what you think!