Most of us see a funny meme, laugh at it, decide whether or not it’s funny or appropriate enough to share on our timelines, and move on with our lives. We don’t think too much about who might or might not read them (hence the deciding whether or not they’re appropriate), but after reading what happened to Cody Hidalgo, next time, we all might take an extra second to assess.

He shared a silly meme with a picture of Elmo sitting on the potty that reads “boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, and that’s why I p*op on company time.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Funny (as p*op memes go) and about as inoffensive as they come.

His boss, though, didn’t think so, sending Cody this text message (yes, really) to fire him over the post.

Image Credit: Twitter

After podcast host Chris Caesar posted the scenario to Twitter, it quickly went viral.

It wasn’t long before people dug up Cody’s employer and started posting 1-star reviews – so many that they had to lock the page down.

Cody’s boss’s son took matter’s into his own hands, texting him this nasty exchange:

And yeah, any sympathy I might have had for this company goes right out the window when someone says they’re glad a kid is dead for any reason at all.

What do you make of all of this? Was the boss out of line? Crazy? Not so much?

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