I am someone who takes good food seriously, and so I appreciate this man who had clearly been looking forward to his kebab for hours, and was having none of people fighting and trying to ruin the experience for him.

This video of a brawl at Ken’s Kebab’s (really?) in Portsmouth, England was posted by Twitter user Beth Deakin. We don’t know if she’s the one who filmed it, but most people weren’t focused on the fight at all – but by the man in the foreground, eating his food and looking at his phone while pointedly ignoring the skirmish.


The Daily Mail identified the man as Chris Hill, who said he was listening to Capital Radio on his headphones while enjoying his meal (well, not the chips, which he said were “not very nice”). In the 57-second video you can see him chewing, looking unconcerned, and even glancing up at the melee and then back at his phone at one point.

“I thought about moving at one point but I was enjoying my kebab and chips.”

The internet, of course, has taken Chris and his zen and turned both into a meme that’s bound to last way longer than even the best of dinners.

Here are a few more favorites.

Thanks for the memes, Chris – I hope Ken and his kebab’s work on their chip game and hand over some freebies for all the free publicity!

If you were making a meme of Chris’s reaction, what would it say?

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