People are more aware than ever of the minefield women face on a daily basis, just existing in the world. The worries double when confronted with a potential romantic or sexual proposition, and climb off the charts if a woman is in a position where she’ll need to politely decline.

We can give a F*ke phone number, make up a boyfriend, text a friend to save us…or, less likely, we can be honest and hold our breath while we wait to see if the guy is going to take it well.

Spoiler alert: the guy in these texts, posted on Reddit by foot-waffle, definitely did not.

Fun fact of the day: being friends with the opposite sex isn’t allowed. (From a friend)
by inniceguys

Apparently he didn’t get the part where she said she’d like to be friends.

And of course she would pay her own way in that case.

Image Credit: Reddit

And then, when she basically said no thanks to all of it because he’s a douche, he shows his true colors.

Image Credit: Reddit

At least he showed them before she found herself alone with him and no way to easily get away….

Guys. Don’t do this. Ever.

Spoiler alert #2: You’re not any kind of nice guy if you do.