The biggest cultural archetype to come out of the last year or so is the “Karen.” So much so that I genuinely feel bad for nice, normal people named Karen, and hope they can take a joke. But the character of a Karen isn’t about the name – it’s about something culture has given rise to. A person who is entitled, rude, self-righteous, and petty. Someone unnecessarily vengeful who looks down on others, and for good measure might just try to sell you some pseudoscience.

One particular text thread that’s been making its way around the internet typifies this to a degree that’s suspiciously perfect. I can’t tell exactly where it originated, but its memeification has led many to wonder whether it’s a bit of fictionalized character-work, or if a Karen this colossally Karen might. Actually. Be. Among us.

Decide for yourself.

Part 1: A Huge Problem

Things start out with “Karen” in question proclaiming a state of emergency via text.

Part 2: Peer Pressure

As it turns out, we can call off the red alert. The emergency in question isn’t so dire.

Part 3: Taxes?

This is where the Karenesque elements start to stack up entirely too fast.

Part 4: Divorce

Of course there’s also a contentious divorce element to this. Why wouldn’t there be?

Part 5: Peppermint Oil

Time for the customary mic drop.

I genuinely don’t even know how you could possibly tell from a distance which model of Air Pods someone was using, but that’s just the first of MANY things that are insane here.

Two possibilities: this person really exists and these texts are legit, in which case we need a Karen-proof bunker immediately, or it’s a cautionary tale. Do not be this. Speak to your inner manager, and calm down.

What do you think? Fact or F*ked?

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