Chris Evans might just be the best Chris of all. He seems so down-to-earth and sweet – remember when he helped Viola Davis up the stairs at the Oscars?!

When you think about it, Chris Evans has a lot in common with a golden retriever: he is smart and sweet and loving and universally appreciated. Hence why the Twitter account Chris Evans as golden retrievers exists.

The page has 146 tweets, so apparently there is no shortage of photos where Chris looks like a happy golden pup.

It helps that people love to dress their Golden Retrievers in outfits.

But really, it’s hard to argue with this striking similarity.


Who runs this page? Do they have a GoFundMe? Can I buy them a drink?

Sad Chris! Sad pup!

Squinty face Chris! Squinty face pup!

Who looks better in sunglasses? Tough race.

Who’s better at school? Hmmmm.

Would happily hang out with either, TBH.

Ugh best Twitter account ever.