The Harry Potter universe is great and all, but if you ask me, it’s missing one thing…killer drag performances.

Those movies have, like, thousands of spells and classes and other magical mayhem, so you’d think they could have squeezed a jaw-dropping drag number into at least one of them. Thankfully, a drag performer from San Francisco named “Florida Man” is here to remedy the problem.

On the weekend of October 5th, she dressed up as none other than “He Who Shall Not Be Named” and absolutely crushed a routine set to Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman.” The robes, the makeup, the prosthetic snake nose…everything is perfectly on point.

Photo Credit: Youtube, Florida Man

And the internet agrees. At the time of this article, the original video on Florida Man’s Twitter page has racked up an impressive 1.76 million views. Check it out for yourself below:

Somebody contact Warner Brothers, because I would not be opposed to an entire spinoff movie devoted to Lady Voldemort’s career as a drag performer.