There’s nothing good about the feeling of getting pulled over by the police. The sinking stomach, the anger at yourself for being stupid, the thoughts of how you’re going to pay your ticket and whether or not your insurance is going to go up.

I’ve never encountered what this woman did, though, and apparently the cop giving you a ticket being super duper hot sort of mitigates the bad parts.

Image Credit: YouTube

Comedian Jennifer Jermany encountered that unexpected moment when she was pulled over, looked out her window, and her jaw hit the floor.

After she’d complied with his official requests, she had to get out of the car and really let him have it.

And by have it, I mean she told him, in fairly good detail, how incredibly handsome he is.

I’m sorry to say that the video really doesn’t do him justice, though we do get to see his smile and a glimpse of a very sexy tattooed forearm.

Image Credit: YouTube

After she gets done telling him that his smile could stop police violence in its tracks, she goes on to say that maybe he could even solve all of the problems in the world with his handsome face.

“Sir, you could bring peace to the Middle East. And I just want you to know, as I thoroughly watch you walk to your car and back, I just want you to know, I could tell you work out and I’m glad. I appreciate God helps you to work out and he did a great job on you.”

I bet she made Officer Scott Schrieffer’s day – and probably his wife’s too, since Jennifer reached out to her to congratulate her on a great catch.

This left me giggling and I had to share it with my friends. Basically, this is the kind of police encounter we definitely need more of, wouldn’t you say?