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Most of us prefer to keep a good line between work and home, if only to keep ourselves sane and to be able to focus on one without the other creeping in.

That said, it’s a bit odd to work somewhere for nine years and never reveal anything personal to the people you work with every day.

It’s also a bit weird if, when they learn you’ve been holding out on them and go cold, you feel as though you’ve lost friends.

AITA for hiding my personal life at work? from AmItheAsshole

Because if you were so intent on being extremely private, why would you believe you had friends at work?


This woman’s personal life was outed by a new (nosy, by her account) employee, and now she’s wondering if she was wrong, since her co-workers are miffed.

Most people fall either in the NAH (No A**holes Here) or YTA (You’re the A**hole) camps and I have to say I agree.

You aren’t the asshole!

But… she’s KIND of the asshole…

It’s complicated…

Her coworkers definitely aren’t in the wrong feeling slighted (aside from the snoopy one, but that’s really a different question).

Melinda! Stay in your lane!

Personally, I think it’s her business how she wants to conduct herself at work, but she can’t expect people to be friendly if she’s clearly demonstrated not wanting to be friends.

Just sayin.