Reading the headline, you might think this is a slam dunk, but wait – it’s not as clear cut as you think.

Situations like these are why the subreddit Am I the A**hole was created, and when this posted began her story, it’s clear to see why she felt justified in the name calling.

She was a new employee, and one of the other employees (a heavyset woman) was repeatedly berating her for being skinny. The original poster (OP) went to the manager, but he told her to handle it herself.

After repeatedly asking the other girl to stop, and telling her she didn’t appreciate all of the commentary reducing her to one physical characteristic, OP hauled off and called her “chunky” in return.

AITA For calling my co-worker "chunky" after she repeatedly calls me "slim" and makes references to my weight after I asked her multiple times not to. from AmItheAsshole

Is she right? Wrong?

Her coworkers seem to think that calling someone chunky is mean but being called skinny is a “compliment,” and we don’t have time here to unpack all of those inherent body image issues, but what do you think?

Most people agreed that she had tried to resolve it maturely and so wasn’t the a**hole.

Because that’s gotta be tough at work…

And if people can’t take the heat…

But others took her coworkers side, agreeing the OP should apologize.

I think they’re both being immature, personally, and other people agree that ESH (everyone sucks here).

But yeah… is name calling EVER okay?

Where you you fall? Name calling isn’t nice, but how do you get someone to back off who just won’t quit?

It’s a tough one, for sure!