How do you do, fellow kids? I, like you, am very young and hip and absolutely understand and appreciate the latest in society and entertainment trends.

For instance, The TikToks. I am in no way confused by or afraid of this weird, mutated descendant of Vine, and it doesn’t baffle me at all to see that over 2 million people have tuned in on the platform to watch a girl…get a harmonica stuck in her mouth.

You probably want to see it too, for reasons that, again, I definitely understand, so, here it is:

@mollieobriengoing to cheo to get my harmonica removed… #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #dissapointment #failure #mymomdoesntloveme #idiot♬ I just did a bad thing bill wurtz –

This comes to us from a TikTok user in Ontario, Canada.

Her name, or her screen name at least, is Mollie O’Brien, which is also the name of Lt. O’Brien’s daughter in Star Trek Deep Space Ni- I mean, not that I care about that, because I’m not an old nerd. Nope. I’m definitely young and plugged in.

Now let’s get back to this harmonica thing I totally understand.

Apparently Mollie had to have the instrument removed by a dentist. There was no permanent damage, and activity on her channel has settled back down.

So what do you think – is Harmonica Mouth the future of entertainment, or the future of culture itself?

Let us know in the comments.