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Web based food ordering and delivery services are either the greatest thing ever or will leave you hanging and hangry. While we wait for them to deliver some consistency, scroll through these times where food delivery services brought a side order of weird to the night.

1. Foreign language lessons?

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. A side of romance?

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. A side of nookie?

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. A side of sarcasm?

Photo Credit: Lamebook

5. A side of nothing to go with your nothing?

Photo Credit: Twitter

6. Not a side of ranch.

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. A side of fast and furious?

Photo Credit: Imgur

8. A side of drama?

Photo Credit: Twitter

Whatever you wanted to eat, you probably won’t get it. But we keep trying because we want it to work so badly. In the meantime, enjoy your hot and juicy randomness.